The following is about me,  but this site is about  US! Any information that contributes to the misfit way of life is welcome. Please send links to sites, other blogs, videos, organizations, anything that is of use to the misfit community. It will take the village and all our ideas to make that shift towards a New Earth!!!

Are you fed up??!! The way we are living is neither satisfying nor sustainable. Its time to adopt a new mindset along with habits that excite the soul & stimulate the mind.
From a very young age, I knew there was something off about our planet. I could feel the pain and suffering from around the world, and was determined to do something about it. I was going to save the world!!! 

Now that I am older I recognize that the world does not need saving; that would be too much for one person. I do however understand that changes are necessary. And although I cannot take on the globe, the invidual choices I make are powerful in transforming society. If each person lives with a kind heart and awareness, together we can turn this ship around and make it the paradise we all deserve.
To live in such a way that serves the greater good is an act of rebellion and takes a mischevious person. This blog is dedicated to ways to use everyday acts to transform the planet as well as musing on shifting perspective to raise personal conciousness. And most exciting of all, it includes videos of a new style of yoga called Bowspring, created to  wake up the body and heart, aligning the practitioner to their highest purpose.
It is food, clothing, entertainment, the day to day choices that we make which add up to make a difference. These decisions are pivotal in making change and therefore vital to the misfit lifestyle! Each of our actions have consequences and when done with thouhtfulness, they can have a positive impact.

This sections  includes such items as recipes, places to shop and links to other amazing sites. Another great way to keep up with the misfit lifestyle, is to like and follow the Spiritual Misfit Facebook page.
The most exciting rebellious act will take place in posture! No more tail tucked under and shoulders uncomfortably  pinned back. Its time to take our curves back, re-establish the shape of the spine and let our booties bounce!! Bowspring will completely transform the misfit's life from the inside out.

This section includes videos of and about the practice. Also check out dates for upcoming workshops and other in person opportunities on the Events page.
Above all else, our species is in a crisis of consciousness. Sometimes the most profound way to change the world, is to change the way one looks at it.

This section inlcudes blogs  for the misfit who takes the time and care to nurture self growth. Included are meditations and breathing excercises that  encourage learning from the heart.