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Monday, February 22, 2016
The Spiritual Misfit

There is no one who sees the world quite like you! Or is there?.....

Our reality is subject to the way we see the world. The way that we formed the thoughts and beliefs that shape this perspective were not necessarily of our choosing. Many of us are still stuck in these patterns of reacting to life in the same way we did when we were young. Repeating situations with similar people even though we should know better. Sound familiar??! There is a good reason why.

There are different parts to the mind: 

The conscious vs. the sub-conscious mind.

  1.  The Conscious Mind- The Cheerleader. Self help books and videos have the potential to make us feel wonderful in the moment but very rarely create lasting change. The part of us that is creative and moldable is called the conscious mind. That is the part that loves to learn and create while being ready to take on new challenges. It is very changeable. The disappointing news is that it only makes up about 5% of of our habits and ways of thinking.
  2.  The Sub-Conscious Tape Recorder. The other 95% of the time our sub-conscious is doing all the work. Able to process millions of bits of information at a time, the sub-conscious is the reason we are able to drive and have a conversation all while listening to loud music, not paying attention to the road yet still make it to our destination safely!! It is a great tool for everyday tasks as well as a survival mechanism. It is not so great for a person who wants to change their ways. This part of us is formed by around the age of 7!! This means whoever raised us truly had a hand in shaping how the personality that developed. The real question then becomes, if you are over the age of 7, how can this crucial portion of the human experience be changed???
  3.  Meditation. Thats right. More than simply a tool for stress relief, meditation has the ability to create real and lasting change. The reason young children's brains are so susceptible to information is the pattern or length of their brain waves. These slower theta waves can be achieved during meditation. Here's a good doctor friend of mine who teaches these techniques: In addition as they say in the neurological community, neurons that fire together wire together! In other words, the more we participate in a  thought or behavior the more it becomes our reality.
  4.  Mindfulness. Pay attention!! If the conscious brain is busy noticing the present, then sub-conscious habits are kept quiet in the background. Being aware of the moment that is taking place is one of the most powerful ways to transform the quality of life in the day to day. Want more information? Again Dr. Buecker from above is a great resource, or check out his mentor the world famous Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn:
  5.  Pysch K. Another method for shaping the sub-conscious is a technique called Pysch K. It was created by psychologist Dr. Robert Williams and involves muscle testing for false beliefs then crossing the right and left sides of the body to "re-wire" thinking. When the right and left sides of the body are in contact it allows the creative and logical sides of the brain to communicate and essentially reprogram the sub-conscious. Here is a YouTube video of him explaining the technique: While you are on YouTube, check out one of my heroes Dr. Bruce Lipton explain why changing our underlying beliefs are so powerful to our health. Perhaps a topic for a different blog:
  6. Aromatherapy. Smells can have a powerful affect on one's mood. Aromatherapy is a simple and enjoyable technique for shifting the way one feels in the day to day. This time I'll have to send you to the expert, my alter ego Emily. Reach out to me to reach her. Perhaps in the future I will put out videos on aromatherapy.

Each of us holds the key to our own happiness and well-being. Sometimes we just need a flashlight to find the hole to unlock the door. Using any of the above techniques, you too can be the person you always knew yourself to be. Happy misfitting!!!

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